36” Counter Height / Standing Height Folding Work Tables
RS3072 30” x 72”
Blow Molded Plastic

Also available in
Food Service
use RS3072-AM
3/4” High-Pressure
Walnut shown

CFS3072M: 5/8” Melamine
Walnut shown

36” Standing Work Height, perfect for Food Prep, Laundry, Mail Room, Office, or Shop
Available in Blow Molded Plastic, High-Pressure, and Melamine
Correll Anti-Microbial Folding & Activity Tables:

36” is the standard “stand-up” work height for a Kitchen Counter Top or Workbench.

These tables are the perfect standing work height for food prep, laundry, mail room, office, or shop use.

Proper working height can improve productivity, while reducing back injury and workers’ comp claims.

RS3072: The One-Piece Blow Molded Plastic Top is completely Waterproof, and highly scratch and stain resistant, the perfect choice for food prep, laundry room, or in the shop where high resistance to oil, acids, cleaners, and chemicals is needed. This is a Heavy Duty Plastic Table, designed and built specifically for commercial use. Color goes all the way through the Top, will never wear or scratch off. 30” x 72”, Gray Granite Top with Black frame. Ship Wt: 42# (Also available in ANTI-MICROBIAL for Food Service use, Model # RS3072-AM.

The 3/4” High Pressure Top has a smooth, flat, hard writing surface, which is highly scratch and stain resistant, making it an excellent choice for a shipping or mail room table. It has the same top surface as a kitchen counter top. 30” x 72”, Walnut Woodgrain Top with Brown Frame. Ship Wt: 74#.

CFS3072M: The 5/8” Melamine Top is best for economical use in the Office or Shop, or anywhere the table will be subject to a lot of abuse, but maintaining the original appearance is not a concern. This top has about the same durability as real wood. 30” x 72”, Walnut Woodgrain Top with Brown Frame. Ship Wt: 61#.

Above Tables are 3-Day Quick-Ship in the indicated Colors (Allow 10 days for more than 12 Tables). See Price List for other Sizes, Colors, and Heights up to 39”. (Normal Lead Time).

FACTOID: Most people have no idea what height a stand up work table should be, so they don’t buy anything. By offering these tables you take out the guesswork, and tap into new sales opportunities.
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